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Easy Travel Vacation Installment Plan (ET-VIP)

Experiencing your dream vacation may often seem out of reach. With the many obligations most of us are under these days (rent/mortgage, daycare, auto expenses, grocery bills, sports leagues and so much more) it's understandable to think that an amazing Caribbean, Alaska, Hawaii or other desired getaway is just not possible right now. Well, at BroMil Consulting we think your dream shouldn't have to be placed on hold simply because you can't pay for a vacation in its entirety all at once. We're happy to provide our Easy Travel Installment Plan (ET-VIP) to assist you in turning those destination dreams into vacation reality! 

With a reasonable per person deposit (often as low as $100 for cruises and $200 for air/land packages) you could be on your way to enjoying the vacation of your dreams. You have the flexibility to select weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or custom designed installment plans to fit your needs. Payments may also be setup on a convenient auto-pay plan or you may call in your payment in advance of each scheduled due date. It's that simple! BroMil Consulting allows you to reserve your vacation, locking in confirmed pricing and itinerary schedules with your initial deposit minimum and gives you the freedom to complete your total vacation payment over time (final due dates will vary based on vacation package type). If you decide you want to complete your final payment prior to your scheduled due date you may do so without any penalty.

Here's an example:

5 Day / 4 Night Punta Cana Vacation (booked on January 12th)

Departing from Baltimore, MD (BWI) on December 1st

Accommodations at Punta Cana Resort Hotel

Ocean View Jr. Suite for 2 Adults  

Room/Air Charge:                                             $1840.00

Taxes and Fees:                                               $322.00

Round Trip Transfers:                                       Included

Vacation Insurance:                                          $240.00

Total Cost:                                                        $2402.00

In this example the client booked a 5 day, 4 night vacation to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic (from Baltimore, MD). The client chose to utilize a monthly installment plan. Once the client confirmed the booking with the minimum deposit of $500.00 that amount was deducted from the vacation total of $2402.00 (as shown). The remaining balance (after deposit) of $1902.00 was then broken into equal monthly payments of $211.33 (with the exception of the final payment which consists of the total remaining balance due after all prior payments). The client was given due dates for each payment as well as the date full vacation total must be received (in this case October 1st). The client's plan also shows how the balance changes with each installment payment. Please note this is only one example of how the Easy Travel Vacation Installment Plan works. Your plan may differ in required deposit, installment payments and other terms and/or conditions.





Initial Deposit

Installment Payment

Installment Payment

Installment Payment

Installment Payment

Installment Payment

Installment Payment

Installment Payment

Installment Payment

 Final Payment





















Jan 12th

Feb 1st

Mar 1st

Apr 1st

May 1st

Jun 1st

Jul 1st

Aug 1st

Sep 1st

Oct 1st

The data above is provided for informational purposes only and is not meant to reflect actual plan setup, vacation fees or other vacation related details. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long can I spread out payments?

This will depend on the amount of time until your departure date, deposit made and other varying factors.

What are my options for making payments?

Clients may elect to make payments based on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or custom designed installment plan. Custom designed plans are created directly

with your travel professional. Your agent will work with you to create a personalized installment schedule based on your payment needs and the confirmed

final payment due date.

Can payments be scheduled automatically?

Yes. You can setup an auto-pay plan at the time of deposit payment.

Are payments by check or money order accepted?

Unfortunately, at this time, only payments made by credit or debit card can be accepted.

Will I receive a reminder before my payments are due?

Yes. You will always receive a payment reminder prior to your next scheduled due date.

Does every booking qualify for an Easy Travel Vacation Installment Plan?

No. Only bookings with a minimum of four (4) night's accommodations, and more than 120 days till departure, are eligible for the ET-VIP. Air only reservations will also not qualify for this program.

What if I decide I want to pay my balance off early? Is there a penalty?

No. There is never a penalty for early pay-off, you may always pay your balance in advance of the scheduled final pay date.

If I am not interested in installment payments will I be put on this plan?

No. You will only be placed on the ET-VIP if your vacation qualifies and you choose to select an Easy Travel plan.

How is my minimum deposit calculated?

Minimum deposit is determined based on the total amount of your air and hotel charges (for packages) or hotel only (for booking without air) rate.

If I want to travel within the next three (3) months will I qualify for a plan?

This is determined on a case-by-case basis but, in general, the ET-VIP is not available for those traveling within three (3) months of the departure date.

Can I split my minimum deposit between multiple credit/debit cards?

Yes. You can pay your deposit, as well as any installment payments, on any of your valid debit or credit cards.

Will I receive a confirmation after my deposit payment?

Yes. Clients receive an Electronic Confirmation (also known as an E-Confirmation) once the minimum deposit has been processed (usually within 24 hours).

This confirmation will contain your booking confirmation number (also known as a reservation number) and will note your total balance, deposit payment,

remaining balance, final due date, vacation details (including hotel, flight and related information) and contact information for your travel professional.

When will I receive my air tickets, hotel confirmation and other details?

Once your final payment is processed you will receive Electronic Travel Documents (ETDs) via the email address associated with your booking. You will also

receive a hard copy (printed version) of your Travel Documents (TDs) via USPS Priority Mail. This package will be sent to the physical address associated with

your reservation about 2-3 weeks before your scheduled departure date.

What if I have additional questions?

Please send your additional questions and concerns to us at [email protected], or feel free to give us a call at (757)813-9267. 

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